Want to listen before buying?

If you would like to listen to the Galion TS120 before purchasing, we have listening rooms available in the cities listed below. Please send an email to thomas.tan@galion-audio.com for more information.

  • Montreal, Canada

  • Brussels, Belgium

  • Toronto, Canada

  • London, England

  • Winnipeg, Canada

  • Selangor, Malaysia

The Galion Story

As someone who has been speaking French for almost 40 years, French is part of my identity and that is why I have chosen Galion Audio as the company name. Galion is French for Galleon and it was chosen to represent how I see music in my life. Life can be calm and rough like the sea but music will always carry us through. I sincerely believe most people will be able to relate. 
The Galion TS120 project started in 2021 in collaboration with Doge. I once asked Mr. Liu, the lead designer at Doge, what kind of tube-integrated amp could he build if he had no budget constraints. What started as a simple conversation ended up as a project that brought the Galion TS120 to life. With a higher budget, Mr. Liu with over 30 years of experience working for many big companies designing amplifiers was finally able to build the best tube-integrated amp he could. Mr. Liu made many interesting design decisions that were unheard of in an amplifier in this price bracket. His efforts yielded impressive results. For example, by giving the TS120 preamp and power amp a dedicated power supply, the bass of the TS120 has improved to the point it can compete with many solid-state amplifiers! However, what made this project special for me was the fact that I voiced the TS120. Although it took a lot of time, I was finally able to achieve the sound I wanted with the help of many experts. It was not an easy task and not straightforward. For example, to voice the TS120 special edition, Jupiter Condenser company had to build capacitors for me that they had not even brought to market! This is your chance to own one of the most versatile high performing tube amplifiers on the market.

Galion Audio Inc was incorporated in 2022 and has its headquarters in Quebec, Canada.