My Impressions on the Galion

Riccardo A on Feb 24, 2023

It is important for me to share with you my impression and appreciation of the Galion TS120SE and how I came to acquire this amazing class-A tube amp.
I was very happy with my system (a pair of Sonus Faber Elipsa loudspeakers paired with a McIntosh MA9000 upgraded with the new DA2 DAC that I acquired only 3 months ago) when an audiophile friend of mine called me and told me “You have to listen to Thomas new Galion. This 30W class A amp is amazing”. A little bit skeptical but curious I accepted his offer for a listening session on my system. The system consists of the Galion TS120SE, the VMV R2R D3 DAC, the Sonus Faber Elipsa, and a music server. We let it warm up for 15 minutes and when the first notes started playing my jaw literally dropped. After a few minutes of listening, I couldn’t resist I placed my order to buy one. Of course, it’s a question of taste when it comes to the sound of a system. What I found amazing about the Galion is the HUGE sound stage that it produces, wide and deep. Superb midrange, with female and male voices so natural and warm, with so much meat around the bone. Bass is present, strong, and very well controlled. High frequencies are present and well-defined but not harsh.
You never get tired of listening to music with the Galion.
My repertoire of music was somewhat limited to music that is very well recorded but found that with the Galion I have a wider repertoire of music that I can enjoy listening to.
Bravo! Great job Thomas

The Galion is a no compromise tube integrated amplifier

Patrick on Mar 02, 2023

Thomas has lent me a Galion TS120SE to test it in my home system and, after my first two hours of listening to music with it, my first impression was: "I really, REALLY like it !" Now, it's been 12 days with at least a two hours listening session per day, with all kinds of different music styles; my first impression remains: I still really, REALLY like the Galion.
Paired with my Paradigm Persona 3F, the TS120SE gives me more depth of stage than my previous preamp-amplifier combo, more airiness in the general atmosphere of all the songs that I listened to, and that is really enjoyable. Put on "Jazz at the Pawnshop, Vol. 1" CD or vinyl, close your eyes and you will feel like you really are at the venue where this amazing performance was given.
I was used to a system that is renowned to have an excellent control, if now a very powerful grip, of the low frequencies. I thought that I might be losing some of that with a tube amplifier, but not at all. The Galion produces some bass that is very present and strong, but again, in a most pleasurable way. And I played some songs that are really testing for the bass frequencies.
Midrange is simply superb. The Galion really brings out all the beauty of voices; they have some silkyness, some airyness that makes you just add more songs to your playlist. And the high frequencies are on par, very present and well defined, well balanced with the rest.
Many thanks Thomas for your trust and for your generosity. My order will be placed shortly.

Total Madness

J. K Then on Nov30, 2022

Over the past year, I have tried and change about 10 amps. There are always alot of trade off and disappointments when changing a gear in your system. Often comes with alot of stress and frustrations. Not with the Galion TS120 SE. Plugged it in, even using stock tubes brand new. It already sounds very good. Now that it has run in for more than 300Hr, It sound alot better. Singer could melt my heart, bass could kick my butt. Very freaking accurate. The highs are really good too. This is all using Musical mode and running it on Class A. On another note, I have not turned on my sub ever since I gotten my hands on the Amp. Thanks Thomas for sharing your passion, now I can finally know what the real Thomas sound signature is like.

Pleasant surprise

Eric Ferrer on Dec 07, 2022

Thomas: The Galion arrived today. After so long a wait I was wondering if it was worth the wait and the expense. I can say emphatically yes. I’ve only listened to it for a couple of hours so no real break-in. I had one main question. I’ve heard you and others talk about the bass of this unit and how great it is. have to tell you, I was skeptical and even concerned. After all, I wanted an amplifier that was relatively neutral and not prone to enhancing any particular frequency. My concerns were not warranted. I began my listening adventure with my ZuAudio Druid’s Mk. IV. I recently purchased a used pair of these and while I like them a lot, I was underwhelmed with the bass response. Consequently, I supplemented the speakers with an SVS 3000 Micro subwoofer. Ahhh. That filled the low end nicely. So I wondered how the Druids would sound with the TS-120 without the sub. All I can say is that if I had purchased the TS-120 first, I would not have purchased a subwoofer. It is as if the amplifier provided a missing driver to the Druids. The bass now is full, fast and supple. It makes the whole presentation of the speaker different. At the same time, the bass does not overwhelm other frequencies. The Druids are now simply more balanced and immensely more enjoyable. They sound like different speakers than before the TS-120. Beyond the bass response, this amp demonstrates both the transparency and the holographic sound stage I was hoping for. Thanks for a great amp.


Henry J on Dec 08, 2022

I invited some friends over for the unboxing of the TS120. When we hooked it up to the Concept 500, boy, Thomas was right! Concept 500 became a different beast. Sound was lively and dynamic. Bass was fast, punchy and abundant, something that we did not expect from a tube amp. Female and male vocals were sweet. And the holographic soundstage was something else. We tried both class an and ab and prefer the class a sound. The three of us were planning to just hook up the TS120 and listen for a few songs to see what it can do. We ended up listening for almost 4 hours that day. Thanks Thomas for bringing this great product to the market!

A unicorn tube amp

JC on Dec 27, 2022

To this day no amp has grabbed me by the collar, told me to stop doing what I was doing, and made me listen to the music as much as the Galion TS120 SE has. What Thomas has achieved with the TS120 (and specifically the SE), is nothing short of astonishing. Right from having the tubes biased, I could hear every nuance, every instrument in its own space as if it were right there in front of me. The TS120 has a level of detail and clarity that I have never heard before. The soundstage is wide, deep, and tall, with simply incredible instrument separation. It has a smoothness to it that makes you want to listen for hours on end, yet still has enough punch and dynamics to keep you engaged. The midrange is simply sublime and vocals are presented in a way that allows you to connect with the music. You can certainly tell that Thomas spent days, if not weeks perfecting the voice presentation. There is a level of gravitas and simultaneously, suppleness that avails itself. The bass is present, controlled, and textured — enough so to allow me to forego a REL purchase. And the amp is built to last, with sturdy construction and components. The remote included is an absolute joy to use. You can feel the passion and level of attention to detail that went into the TS120's creation. The TS120 is the most complete and musical amp I've ever listened to. It's allowed me to appreciate music in a way I never thought was possible and it has given me a newfound appreciation for the music I love.

Bliss feeling!

John Po on Dec 04, 2022

Just woow! dynamic! im running it with usb to gustard r26 with la scala or cornwall4. The sound is so full. I dont need to add subwoofer. it opened more the la scala. I could not wait to try it with my cornwalls and tekton perfect 10. Thomas was great and offered help on set-up which is very assuring. Now im thinking of getting another ts120 standard version!!!.. set up was so easy. go get it!

My amp search is over!

Zhi Chao P on Dec 25, 2022

I have been listening to the Galion TS120 for a few weeks now and I cannot describe just how pleased I am with it. Running the TS120 with a Gustard R26, U18 and Jeff Bagby's Helios speakers, it was a clear and huge upgrade from the Willsenton R8 (with all NOS tubes). Amp was airy airy airy with a huge soundstage yet so detailed and the bass punches deep and tight. I was skeptical initially on Thomas's reviews on his own product but it could not have been more accurate. I switched out the stock tubes for the Mullard Re-issue KT88s and it was smoother and more musical. But some level of that could also be gotten with the stock tubes by switching it to the musical mode(my preferred mode for vocals). Truly, the stock tubes were good enough. But with my love for tube rolling, I decided to have a go with the Sophia Electric KT88s. And to my surprise, it took things up another level. It gave a much more refined presentation with even more precise pin-point placement of images, bigger soundstage with more life-like sound quality. My system was great before, and now it felt extraordinary. Though it felt a little boring in the sense nothing really stood out, but that just means everything is perfectly balanced and fantastic. The only downside for me is the cage. Gaps are pretty big between the bars (easy for small hands, fingers to go through still) and not able to accommodate the Sophia Electric KT88s (had to remove 2 bars) though admittedly, they are bigger than the other KT88s.

Wow! TS-120SE

George Chong on Dec 31, 2022

I'm blown away by the out-of-the-box sound. Correction, stunned. 😲 Highly impressed with the sound that came out of this 30W tube-integrated system. I.e. Clarity, Airy, mid-range is natural, and yes, the bass (unbelievable). How can this be? I have two high-end mono-blocks rated at 750 Watt (8 Ohms) driving the Gershman speakers, and yet this 'little' tube amp is putting out way more. Day two (today), I'm still in disbelief, bang for the buck; it's a steal. Truly, thank you, Thomas, for all the countless hard work you've put into this project. You've rejuvenated my love for music. For those of you who are contemplating, I highly recommend the unit. George - Calgary

Great Product and Great Service

Sean Campbell on Dec 28, 2022

There are two things one should look for with any product - the quality of the product and the quality of service.

First, the product. I purchased the TS120 SE and finally got it up and running. This thing sings! From Thomas's favorite "Make us Stronger" which really shows the range of the base (from a tube no less), to Louis Armstrongs "Le vie en Rose" and Bob James "Westchester Lady," the TS 120 can handle it all. I can't wait for the full burn in and then to start tube rolling.

Second, the service. This is my first tube amp and, in my ignorance, didn't understand a few key issues. I also pestered Thomas with a lot of questions leading up to the delivery of the amp. Thomas was immediately responsive and always had the right answer. My remote showed up with an issue, and Thomas has already dropped a replacement in the mail for me. This availability, responsiveness, and ownership of the product, is refreshing in today's world. I can't wait to see what else Thomas will come up with because I plan on being a repeat customer.

Well done Thomas - can't wait for what's next.

I love it!

WW on Dec 30, 2022

I have only spent about 20 hours with the TS120SE. Certainly the tubes are not even broken in yet, but the sound is already …… After watching Thomas' YouTube with the monster B&W, I decided to give my TS120SE a challenge too. I have a pair of Totem Mani-2 Signature. Everyone who owned these speakers know how difficult to make them sing. They need a real high current high power amp to push out the bass from them. But once you have the current, they are super musical. My source is a very old Mcintosh MVP871 SACD player. Nothing fancy and no high end cables. My room is small and not an optimal listening room. I am no expertise in describing the sound quality like other professional. So I can only tell my feeling with the music. I tried the Pure Cello by Vincent Belanger from Audio Note. All I can say is I could feel the strings by my hair when I set the volume at 11 o’clock. I could still hear the bass clearly when I set the volume to 8. The little harmonic at the end of the notes were easily to be heard. I didn't need to pay special attention to find them. I am really looking forward to the tubes got broken in after 300 hours and see if it can bring the music engaging level even further. Thanks for your effort and the great work, Thomas. Keep up your intention to build good music equipment for the community without super high end cost.

Galion TS120 Punches well above its price-point!

Dave S on Jan 4, 2023

Having already purchased the McIntosh MA12000, I was hesitant in purchasing this amp. I had doubts that I would enjoy the Galion like my McIntosh but wanted to try it out because of my trust in Thomas. What Thomas has achieved with the TS120 is absolutely impressive! You can hear every instrument and pinpoint them in space. It has an astonishing level of detail that is very emotional and impactful! The soundstage is wide and rises almost to the ceiling. The midrange and upper-end offer pure smoothness and allow you to listen for hours. And the bass…. It hits hard and is very controlled, it doesn’t disappoint! Guess what? I’m now considering selling my McIntosh MA12000 because I am that happy with the capabilities of the Galion TS120. Yes, the TS120 doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as the McIntosh, but with my ROSE RS-150 Streamer/DAC…. I most likely won’t miss it. Thank you, Thomas, for a GREAT VALUE!

Wondering how your speakers can really sound?

P-A on Jan 28, 2023

I bought the Polk R700 a couple of weeks ago. Powered with a Crown amp, the bass was really deep as they say on reviews but I wasn’t that impressed with the overall presentation. When I plugged the Galion TS120 SE, the veil was gone and the once 2 feet high by 6 feet wide sound stage ``band`` at ear level became a wall of sound with a lot more depth. Now its in the big league. As Thomas says in his videos; let me tell you a story. You could not imagine my surprise when I went through my playlist test. On one specific track, instead on hearing the notes coming out of the cello, I FELT the bow on the string. Magnificent! Thomas is so dedicated in his product and is doing a personal follow up before during and after the purchase. No one do that! Buy with confidence.

A lovely integrated

Colin on Feb 06, 2023

Thomas was kind enough to arrange a loan of his Galion TS 120SE. Right out of the box, I was startled. It has terrific bass for tubes, a lovely midrange, and a deep soundstage. I previously had a Copeland CTA 405a with KT 120’s at about the same price as the Galion. It was a lovely sounding integrated with a terrific phono stage but more solid state in sound, not as warm and lush as the Galion. I am currently using mono blocks that cost close to 3 times that of the Galion and I was actually considering trading them in for the Galion. After a couple of weeks with it in my system, I decided to keep the mono blocks, but am still considering the Galion for the cottage. It is a very impressive integrated and a terrific value.

Galion TS120 SE is an incredible beauty

Deepak Ravindra on Feb 05, 2023

I must be among the lucky ones. In a rather serendipitous way I chanced upon the opportunity to try the Galion TS120 SE at home with my KLH Model 5 speakers. Thanks to Thomas and Ajay at the amazing Pearl Acoustics for making this happen. A dream come true for a budding audiophile in me. What Thomas has achieved here is simply incredible.My comparison is with likes of Luxman AX550ii, Exposure 2510,Willsenton R8, Technics SU G700mk2,Yamaha AS1200, Norma Revo IPA140 In order of what got my attention. Musicality- Emotionally engaging and moving. There is at once ease, impact, clarity and cohesiveness that no other amp in my setup has delivered. Sweet,engaging and impactful at the same time. Super black background. Such a quiet amp, the low noise floor. Sound Stage,the most 3D holographic experience I have had in my room. Wide, expansive and enjoyably deep. Instruments are beautifully realised. Such a cohesive and well put together presentation. Bass is the most juciest deep and textured I have heard. More bass resolution than my Luxman Class A and even the Yamaha AS1200. Mids, highs and Voice -sublime. The ethereal tube air is all there. No edgyness of any kind either, yet great life like in room presence. The kind of balance I have not heard so far,did not know existed. Overall,while I am sad to see the amp go back,I am chuffed to have been able to listen to this beauty.Loved every moment with it. It will be back on my rack,I now need this in my life🙂

Tales of two different but beautiful worlds

JEREMY L on Dec 28, 2022

When Thomas announced TS120, a friend and I decided right away to take a leap of faith to each purchase a TS120. After watching videos regarding the different editions, we decided to get one each, standard for his soft dome tweeter speakers and special edition for my beryllium tweeter speakers. We never thought we would actually do a side by side comparison (the amp is just too heavy to move around!) but a delay of my new listening room made me decided to bring my SE to his place to do some test listening. To start, both amps performed incredible. Comparing to my friend’s previous Hegel preamp+Kinki mono blocks with Concept 500, the standard edition has much bigger sound stage, dynamics, and much brighter on the highs. My friend’s system always sounded more on tbe nutreul side, but with TS120, everything just feels much more exciting.But when we switch to special edition, at first, the sound stage seems to be a bit smaller than standard edition but the sound’s density has increased dramatically. At the same time, highs sparkle like never before (during the session, I wondered if he secretly changed his tweeter) and the bass is performing like a super car’s shifting gear, fast and responsive. We both heard so many notes we have never noticed before even on a 100k USD system. We did switch between modes and classes, but both agreed that the initial setup with pure A class truly makes the TS120 shine. Both true gems worth considering.

Nothing is exaggerated about the reviews!

Jason on Dec 31, 2022

Received my amp the TS120 standard about 5 days ago. Wanted to try it with the different speakers I have before writing this review. I do understand about the break-in period however right out of the box it has performed exactly as Thomas said it would. I have played it through 5 different speakers (Linn Majik, Klipsh Heresy IVs, Focal Chorus 726, Klipsh RP600M and Cabot Audio bookshelf with Markaudio 10p single drive). The amplifier has brought out the best in each speaker. The biggest improvement was on both Klipsh but especially the RP600M, they went from bookshelf needing a sub to help them to sounding like a floorstanding speaker with enough bass to hit you in the chest. That impressed me. Thank you Thomas for delivering a product that is not only as described but better than I could have imagined.

Exceptional Value

Todd T on Dec 12, 2022

I have to say I had very high expectations, but that is because I expect nothing short of exceptional from Thomas. We have all watched Thomas's videos and it is about trust which his has earned from many of us. When I pre-ordered the TS120 I have no hesitation ordering a product that had not even been reviewed, let alone even completed yet. Thomas was still "tweaking" and trying to bring to market the best product he could at this price point. I have to say after a couple of days of listening to the TS120 I just feel fortunate to be one of the first to have this product "in hand" and it is nothing short of exceptional not only at this price point but other tube amps I've heard costing much more. The stock tubes sound excellent. Very dynamic, great soundstage, detail, and excellent bass. The auto bias (thank you), music tonality control, sub outs, and a remote built like a tank (awesome) you can't find in other integrated tube amps.

Congrats, Thomas, you really delivered!!


David on Dec 28, 2022

Hello from Montreal, Actually Thomas lent me the Galion to try. I knew him from a previous speaker discussion. I called him up with a question and asked me if I wanted to try his amp because he knew I had harder to drive speakers. The amplifier came we set it up and wow can it deliver. Everything is solid and satisfying to the touch from the volume control to the remote and it doesn’t run hot. My impression is that right out of the gate you are immersed in the sound, it’s immediate but controlled so this amp can power my Veritys being at 86 dbs with ease. Your description is spot on. I think we all want our gear to shine and stand out and complement each other. This amplifier does in droves. All the best

A keeper

George LeDrew on Feb 23, 2023

I’ve had my Galion TS120 for two weeks but only had the chance to listen to it for a few days as I had to leave for work. My initial impression is I like it. I like it a lot. It seems you have accomplished at least one of your goals that being to put a smile on people’s faces. Mine almost hurt me. It’s the best sounding amplifier I have ever owned and it just replaced one 2000$ more than the Galion. I l like that it doesn’t draw attention to or exaggerate any part of the spectrum but plays it all real well. However the human voice kills me out of my F1-8 with the weight and sense of realism. It freaked me out a few times at first. It’s very detailed and easy to see deep into the music. Even under initial setup and stock power cord it’s impressive. I could go on with reasons why this is a great amplifier or why I’ll be keeping this one till the end but I’ll spare you the drivel. Great job Thomas. Thanks for making it go super easy as well.

  • Galion TS120

    Gilberto González Penilla on Apr 06, 2023

    The amplifier is wonderful, the treble and bass sound incredible. The voices are very clear. I don't regret buying it. I had a problem with some tubes and Thomas quickly solved the problem. Congratulations on this great product Thomas.

  • Extremely Pleased!

    Rick Coste on May 01, 2023

    I'm a vinyl enthusiast who has always had both feet in the solid state world. I've always had an eye on tube amps and finally decided it was time. After many hours of watching reviews and doing research I finally settled on the Galion TS120. I've watched Thomas' YouTube channel for a few years and trusted his judgement and experience.
    The amp was delivered last week. Since then I've been mesmerized at the sound. I have over 1200 LPs, and after hearing the signal through the Galion I want to play them all through it. It's like re-experiencing my collection. This is not a paid endorsement. I purchased the Galion on faith and extensive research and I'm not disappointed. The literature states a 300 hour break-in period and all I can think is "it gets better than this - how is that possible???". I've played rock, jazz, and 90s alternative over the last few days and I finally understand the meaning of "holographic" sound. I never quite understood the term before, but how can you until you hear it?
    Thank you Thomas!

  • Wish I could give this a 100 stars

    John Collier on Apr 23, 2023

    I'm pairing the standard silver version with the Adrenal 1723 towers and I have spent my life looking for this sound. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars chasing the dragon. This is a fire breathing, deep, wide, dynamic....everything of a pairing!!! The amp sounded great on my Emerald Physics too but this is absolutely nuts!!! No sub & a tube amp?? What in the world are you waiting for??

  • Galion takes my experience to the next level

    Darren on Mar 17, 2023

    I was one of the few lucky ones that had the opportunity to demo both models. The Galion is a fantastic addition to any audiophile's collection. With both standard and special edition available, both versions provide a big soundstage with plenty of detail. The special edition however, is exceptional. Both versions have class A and A/B, but the special edition in class A provides a smoother and more balanced sound that's hard to find in other amplifiers. When I say smooth, dont mistake that as being rolled off. Full details are still present. Working with Thomas, the company owner, is a pleasure, and he goes above and beyond to ensure his customers are satisfied. Thomas, since he's still a relatively small business offers next level personal support throughout the buying process. Overall, the Galion experience is a top-notch choice for those seeking an exceptional sound experience and customer service.

  • A la découverte d'un nouveau monde à bord de mon Galion TS120 SE!

    Jérôme Jannot on May 20, 2023

    Je viens de recevoir le Galion TS120 SE . J’étais ravi et rassuré en voyant la caisse d’expédition. Du solide! En parlant de solide, l’alimentation est surprenante de lourdeur. (Malgré mes 100kg…) On peut préciser que le suivi de la commande avec les mises à jour et conseils personnalisés sont remarquables voire unique.
    Je n’ai eu le temps que de faire un petit test en Classe A (1H) et en Classe AB . J’ai conscience que le rodage est important, mais déjà quelle puissance! Je l’ai branché sur mes SONUS Faber Olympica on wall et c'est déjà bien mieux . J’ai vu la revu de Steve Huff qui ne jure que par la classe A et je le comprends. C’est une réussite. Par contre la classe AB est très fluide, très douce, comme un vieux Bordeaux. Cette dernière semble appropriée pour de longues écoutes.
    Dans les 2 cas c’est très détaillé , très précis, avec des graves très présents (Et quel impact en classe A qui semble plus puissante que la classe AB) et des aigus qui gagnent en douceur et détails. (le twitter des Sonus Faber est mis à l’honneur). La scène sonore est ample sans être trop présente (sans ce que Mr Thomas appelle « listening fatigue »).
    L'amélioration est immédiatement bluffante. Pour moi, s'il faut attendre le rodage ou faire des tests en aveugle pour se convaincre, c'est que l'achat ne valait pas la dépense.
    Bravo M.Thomas! Merci M.Stereo!

  • F&^#k 30w is a lot of power!

    Eduardo Sanabria on May 22, 2023

    At Axpona 2023 I stubbled with the Galion tube integrated amplifier and was intrigued by what I heard at a reasonable price. I would normally research the hell out of a product before purchasing but this time I decided to trust my ears and give it a chance.
    Thomas's personal service and communication were top-notch from start to finish and the Gallion arrived safely packaged at my doorstep in a few days.
    My system has a neutral sound with a precise and sharp stereo image presentation. I was afraid I'd get a soft and tubey sound with the Galion, but after a few minutes of listening to it, all my worries vanished (considering the tubes were brand new).
    First of all, F&^#k 30w is a lot of power! is more than enough to run my Dynaudio Contour 20 speakers to uncomfortably high sound pressure levels without any discernible distortion, I do have a small room though (11' x 12'). Running the integrated amplifier in Class A produced a beautiful neutral sound, full of texture and detail. The stereo image gained more depth and what I would define as a precise rendition of space around instruments and voices.
    Changing the Galion to class AB makes it sound more like a solid-state amplifier and it also gains a bit more control of the speakers. I did not preferer the sound or feel the need for more control, so I stayed in class A mode. The Galion has made me enjoy my music all over again.

  • Great amp!

    Patrick Ottone on Jun 01, 2023

    Wow! My speakers came alive. This amp really powers and controls the 4 15” drivers on my pure audio project trio 15’s. Soundstage is huge , dynamic, sweet mids, and the emotional experience I like is there in spades. Also I hear the full spectrum of the music. Non fatiguing listening sessions. Highly recommended. Great job Thomas !

  • Sublime

    Richard Waldegrave on Jun 04, 2023

    I ordered the SE Galion with the Shuguang KT88-Z tubes. Thomas has been terrific to communicate with and my goodness I didn't know my elderly Mordaunt Short MS3.5 speakers could sound so good. Really wonderful. Big soundstage, heaps of bass, clear sweet highs and warm midrange. I'm very happy and looking forward to finishing the GR Research NX Otica's I'm in the process of building. Well done Thomas wholeheartedly recommended.

  • Wide, Deep, Strong and Clean Music.

    Alistair on June 09, 2023

    I already have a really good Class D integrated amplifier, but I wanted to understand what an integrated Class A tube amplifier could offer.  Respecting the views of Thomas, I had a look at the specs for this ‘ears-unheard’ amplifier – enough power -Class A 30w/channel –check, high build quality -check, easy biasing –check, subwoofer outputs –check, neutral sound –check, good reviews from others –check.  I took the plunge and ordered a Galion TS120 Special Edition with the optional tube cage, and Shuguang KT-88Z tubes.   


    Thomas was very responsive to my enquiries and order, and the unit arrived well packed and in good time.  The amplifier was set up with a SONY HAP-Z1ES server as the source, and KEF R3 speakers (87dB sensitivity, 8Ω (min 3.2Ω) impedance) and two KEF KC-62 subwoofers.  I switched on, biased for Class A, and wow –what a great clean sound with a wide soundstage and solid bass from the get-go.  Individual instruments and voices were easy to pinpoint across the soundstage.  The speakers just ‘disappeared’ and I am very impressed, even at this early stage of break-in.  I have yet to switch to listen to the Class AB option, as Class A has proven to be so good. 


    While I do not really classify myself as an audiophile, but rather someone who really likes well-recorded and great music, I really like what I heard using familiar material.  (eg. Daft Punk - Random Access MemoriesBuena Vista Social Club, The Whitlams - Eternal Nightcap, Nils Frahm – Solo Remains, Vangelis, - Invisible Connections, Janet Seidel – Midnight Jazz Lounge).  They all sounded great, revealing details, space and depth I had not noted before.  There is plenty of power for the medium efficiency speakers (I measured a clean and healthy 90dB or more from my listening position 3m from the speakers, with the volume set at about 9 o’clock on the volume dial.)  


    The amplifier exudes a high build quality, is very quiet and comes with a solid and useful, quality remote control.  I look forward to many more listening hours with this marvellous Galion integrated amplifier. Thank you Thomas for a great product that sounds fantastic.regardsAlistair

  • Finaly found it

    Marlon Burger on Jun 17, 2023

    Thomas,First of all, excuse my english. I'm from the Netherlands so it's not my language.My livingroom is a serious bass killer so when i want to listen, i have curtains which i hang on 3 walls. This results in major acoustic improvement. But Now,... even without curtains, unbroken fresh out the box,I've got serious tight, nuanced bass with my Galion and the best is yet to come ?..... cause still playing class AB.My set:- Galion T120 SE tube amplifier,Z- tubes.- Ifi zen streamer- RME ADI-2 DAC fs- DIY serious high end floorstanding speakers (very expensive crossovers); speakers 2 x 8" Scan Speak woofers, Accuton ceramos mids and tweeters from a company called QED reference 40 interlinks.-Supra Quardax speakercable.- CD player: Alesis masterlink ML 9600 (for now)I've done PA for allmost 11 years (as a sound engineer.did i say that right ?)Just to give a tiny bit of my background. It took a while to find the right speaker and just as long (including saving up) to find "my amplifier". I went from dynacord pa amp to Denon mono blocks to yamaha, LSA Warp1 class D, than leveling up to Classé ca2200, Mark Levinson nr.333. All 2nd hand and the last one cost me a lot to repair. Didn't know when i bought it. Classé and ML sounded smooth with nice bass but no punch. I tried the Hegel H590 and i realy liked it but i decided to go for a TS120 SE. Now for the next 3 to 4 years. i found what i've been looking for. i finaly found it.Thanx. Marlon 

  • Realism and Surprises (TS120 SE)

    JD on Jun 20, 2023

    I’m about half way through the 300 hour burn-in recommendation. I’m starting to appreciate just how amazing this amp is. Here's some initial standout impressions:

    - Sound stage depth. The amp really adds depth to the stage. I was surprised just how distinct some instruments and sounds were in front or behind one another.
    - Realism. The music sounds real, as if the instrument/sound is actually in my room. I’ve been caught off guard a few times when not paying attention. Found myself sharply looking around thinking someone else was in my room was making a noise. Nope, just part of the music! Plus, I can close my eyes and imagine the a person singing, a guitar being strummed, a drum being hit.
    - The music envelopes me. I’ve found myself getting goosebumps to my music much more. And, I find myself sitting down to just LISTEN to music much more as well, instead of having it on in the background (which I still do, and the above catches my attention often).
    - Remote volume adjustment. Smooth. Really smooth. I don’t know why, but I really appreciate how the remote works with the volume.

    Critique: Do you like to listen in the dark? Do you want to enjoy the beauty of the glowing tubes with the lights turned off? Well too damn bad! The lights double as a lighthouse signal for night sailing. Yah, they’re bright. I actually put black carpet tape over the LEDs. Helps a lot.

  • Clarity & bass in spades!

    Tim Inouye on Jun 29, 2023

    The TS120 SE sounded smooth and clear from the beginning and has only gotten better with use.I love tube amps, having purchased in the past the Unison Simply Italy 8-watt integrated, Willsenton R8, and a DIY Elekit 300B single ended TU 8600S amp; all have their strengths and personalities and the Galion encompasses all their good qualities. I love being able to easily hear and follow the bass line which I find much more difficult on my other tube and transistor amps. Hearing a note dissolve to nothing at the end of a song or in a quiet passage is so realistic and moving. The timber of stringed instruments is so natural. Violins, cellos, string bass and guitars all fill the room with their resonance. They sound like they’re life-sized and playing in the room. All those audiophile phrases trying to describe it analytically fall by the wayside and I find myself letting the music flow over and around me. Yeah, I know I’ve said this in the past and then quickly became seduced into finding something new and better. I find myself switching between the magical Elekit amp (the warm 300B sound) and the Galion (the overall clarity and bass quality). When listening to the 120SE, I prefer class A with the tone control set to “A”, but I find some songs do sound better with tone set to “B” or “T” and using the bass and treble controls to suit your taste. There isn’t a huge swing on the bass or treble controls, but what’s available is enough. Thomas, the Galion is an amazing amp. Well done!

  • Galion TS120SE Impression

    Pete N on July 13, 2023

    Over 45 years of audiophilism, I’ve listened to hundreds of amplifiers and owned dozens, some 5 times the price of the Galion ST120SE.So its difficult to describe how astonishingly good the Galion is without sounding trite.It is the best amp I’ve owned, but it surpasses others in the most amazing ways.Yes, it has a fabulous, open, free sound stage and is reveling of micro-details without being harsh or in any way fatiguing.The bass in tracks like Kodo’sDaraijinreveals full, textured (and sometimes unnerving) levels of realism. And it drives my current hungry Vandersteens with ease (@86dB efficiency).But it is so much more…Ethereal?The word that comes to mind is transformative. I sat riveted listening to my test tracks, like I’ve never experienced before.I literally couldn’t get up.I heard new things, not just better things.Crazy levels of natural realism.Hypnotic.As Rickie Lee Jones was sitting in my living room, I kept asking myself, ‘was that always there?’And for the price and service?Forget it.Stop looking and press ‘buy now!’

  • A richer experience

    Derrick Francis on Aug 14, 2023

    Last night I had the opportunity to focus on the TS120 and in doing so I was actually comparing it my Bryston B100SST
    I decided to use the speakers that I had designed some time ago that were loosely based on the LS3 5a. I upgraded these recently when I extended the cabinet volume and replaced the Kef drivers and Falcon x-over in favour of new Morel drivers and custom x-overs designed by Solen in Montreal and they sounded great. First, I listened to a specific CD thru the Bryston using Audio Sensibility cables and it was quite nice.

    I then transitioned to the Galion and the difference was immediately distinguishable. That said, I was committed to listening to the full CD and so I did. I tried the TS120 on the T setting adjusting the tone, Then A, then AB
    The AB / B setting was so accurate, rich and inviting. I latter added the Totem Signature 1’s and the JL subs and it was all so incredibly present and real. My wife was also impressed with the change in detail and sat down and joined in on the experience.

    One further test was to run my Loki Max EQ with the Galion and some thing very interesting had happened… or should I say didn’t happen. The Loki was set up to operate with the Bryston but when paired with the Galion
    The change was almost indistinguishable, I shut it off and the TS120 was still so present, the music was rich, fluid and incredibly informative.

    Thanks again,

  • Cannot buy better at this pice point, Holy Cow

    Michael Rolph on Aug 26, 2023

    The Galion TS120 is fantastic. A big soundstage with tons of detail. Full details, smoothness, and plenty of bass. Working with Thomas, the company owner, is a pleasure, and he goes above and beyond to ensure his customers are happy. Thomas offers next level personal support throughout the buying process. Having the chance to audtion the amp, made the choice to purchase easy. Used all my Klipsch speakers to listen, wow, Heresy IVs, Cornwalls, and Klipschorns. Amazing bass on the horns with no tone addition, using Pro-ject A1 turntable and OM10 Cartridge and Pro-ject Tube Phono preamp, just amazing, even old 1970s vinyl. Thanks Thomas and much sucsess to you.

  • THE amp to beat...

    Bjorn Kathofer on Nov 24, 2023

    The first time I bought high-end equipment without testing it before. ( I am test-freak 😎 )

    Right out of the box, I knew I like its sound-signature.
    My Dali Epicon 2 Speakers are not easy to drive and pretty power hungry.
    But now, I haven't turned the volume-nob beyond 11 o'clock...

    Bass ? Yeah Baby. If there is bass on the recording there will be bass in the room .Guaranteed. Full, present and round.
    Jazz Trios put the instrument in the room. Techno can push my walls. Classical orchestras now show what " rich" sound means.
    I dropped the idea of adding a sub.

    Mids are just "there" , warm and clean, very easy on the ear.
    And the Highs ... sparkling like champaign. Very detailed. And exactly as Thomas says in his videos : never fatiguing.
    From Hip Hop to crazy Contemporary Classical Music, Jazz or rocky/ dirty Blues Stuff , light & elegant Trios or brutal Techno . This amp does it.

    Other details I appreciate : tone controls - really useful when listening to very low volumes.
    The remote controle - even the amp is somehow round the corner, no straight line, it works .

    The only problem I have now : the listening sessions are never short... just listening "a bit" is not possible any more .

  • Tube newbie falls in love

    Chris watson on Dec 16, 2023

    After much cajoling from a fellow hifi friend I decided to purchase my first ever tube amp. My search led me to Thomas and the Galion TS120.
    First of all the customer experience pre and post purchase is amongst the best I have ever had. Thomas cares, and it shows. Unbelievable comms and time taken by Thomas to ensure the whole process was as efficient and stress free as possible.
    The amp arrives in a simple but highly effective wooden crate and packing. Instructions are clear and simple. Setup is a breeze.
    I am only into 6 hours of listening time but the TS120 has brought a smile back to my face. All those good audiophile terms and phrases that are used to describe the best sounding kit apply here. The sound is amazing. Soundstage is superb. Bass is solid and well defined. Everything is just crisp and clear. I love it. My old Naim amps are now packed away, the TS120 is here to stay.

  • Congratulations!

    Paul T on Jan 23, 2024

    I can attest that the reviews and feedback from previous customers about the Galion TS120 are entirely true.Switching from Class A to AB offers remarkable versatility, making it suitable for every type of music. This amplifier has truly exceeded my expectations. The listening experience is exceptional, and when streaming, it genuinely feels alive. I am thoroughly enjoying the immersive sound quality it provides. Congratulations!

  • Want a valve amp,dont miss out on this one

    Dean on Feb 14, 2024

    I received my Galion TS120 SE a week ago and wow what an amazing sound; The Soundstage is so good and all the individual instruments sound so separated and distinct, definitely no listening fatigue;

    My Focal-jmlab diva utopia BE's have never sounded so good. I love my vinyl and boy does the Galion make me love it even more. Class A gives you such a beautiful neutral open sound and also so easy to bias for a punchier class AB sound.

    Also Thomas gives you excellent customer service and any questions are replied to straight away. I took a chance with this amp, based just on reviews and spec, so glad I did. Very happy...

  • The end of the search for the perfect sound

    Štěpán Janiss, Karlovy Vary, Czech republik

    I've had quite a few amplifiers in my life, but nothing quite as exceptional as Thomas's creation. Galion TS120 SE will stay with me forever and I hope it will serve me for a long time. The combination of Galion and my JBL 4430 studio monitors turned out to be simply excellent, I have absolutely nothing to complain about and look forward to more evenings spent in his company. Shortly after delivery, I replaced the standard PSVane tubes with cryogenized Shuguang Black Treasure KT88-Z (gold grid) and immediately after the replacement I noticed a significant shift in music reproduction for the better. After less than two weeks of playing, I've already listened to dozens of hours of music and I'm enjoying it more and more. I thank Thomas for his creation and I wish all his regular and future customers to be as satisfied as I am. Sincerely, Štěpán Janiss, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

  • A keeper

    Mark Maxted

    I was looking to build a system I could live with for the long haul, and I think I've accomplished that. Over the last year I've gradually replaced every component in my rig (including cables). Each upgrade brought a noticeable improvement, but stopped short of "wow". Until the Galion TS-120 SE. The "wow" I was looking for was there from the start, and just got better as the tubes broke in. I couldn't believe how good the Galion made my 70's era box speakers sound (neither could my adult kids). Never-the-less, the old speakers were now the limiting factor, and to get the full benefit of the Galion I needed another upgrade. So beware. It's a slippery slope but this amp will reward upgrades all around it.

    I spend most of my listening in class A on the "A" sound setting, but switch to the "B" profile for heavier rock, so the flexibility is appreciated. I seldom use the tone controls, but on occasion they've been just what I needed.

    Recently, I had a problem with the Galion's remote. I contacted Thomas and received a new one in a couple of days. I have to say that being able to deal directly with Thomas is one of the unexpected benefits of the purchase.

  • Really nice amplifier and great customer service

    John Thomas

    I was looking for my end game amplifier and the TS-120 seemed to be the one. I’ve had this amp for a couple of months now and I like every thing about it - great sound good features. I did have a problem with the remote failing but Thomas sent a new replacement right away. . Thank you Thomas for the great customer service I can’t ask for anything more. This amp is a keeper!

  • MAGICAL with Klipsch RF-7III and It Handles Elysian 4s with EASE!

    Aditya BAHL, left the following 5 star review for the product TS120 Special Edition Amplifier

    I have been listening to the following 2X2 configurations for the sake of comparison 1. TS120SE vs. Vincent SV-237 MK II 2. Klipsch RF-7 III vs. Elysian 4s Observations 1: Klipsches win hands down regardless of the amp 2. SV-237 drives the Klipsches very nicely BUT the TS120SE is simply MAGICAL!!! 3. TS120SE has suddenly opened up - I started YouTube on the tv, driving the nad using hdmi arc and the ts120se amp from the nad’s pre out. Even after accounting for volume variations in YT videos, I had to set up the nad volume at -20 while the ts120se vol is set to 9 o clock (just as Thomas had suggested) and it’s a robust sound (if not too loud)! 4. Musically, TS120se seems like an amp for hours of listening without fatigue (it keeps the Elysian 4 also in check, given that it’s a very unforgiving speaker) 5. Overall, TS120se sounds better than sv-237 MK II across all genres of music I’ve sampled so far. It definitely handles the Elysian much, much better than the sv-237. Last, but not the least - I ordered it on Galion website and it arrived in 8 days

  • Hi-end sound for mid-price

    R.F., left the following 5 star review for the product TS120 Special Edition Amplifier:

    Compared to my solid state integrated which originally cost almost the same, the TS120se is a league above. Depth, detail, texture and timbre throughout the frequency range are outstanding along with real dynamics that bring drama to the music. Bass is strong from this valve amp, and ultimately proved to be too much for me in my small listening room. If I had smaller, more room appropriate speakers I think it would be fine, but I love them too much! Thomas has brought the much needed concept of value to the hi-fi business; with the important addition of strong customer service which is usually the trade-off. I'm really looking forward to trying his other amplifiers and finding my 'endgame'.

  • Galion ts120se is a fantastic sounding amp

    Derek Davis, left the following 5 star review for the product TS120 Special Edition Amplifier:

    I'm not going to say a whole lot. I have followed Thomas and his reviews for years. His passion for being an audiophile shows through on his reviews I think. Anyway, I owned a Fisher 400 for many years, which I loved, but this amp is a major step up. Sound is amazing and reaching the holographic surround that we're looking for as audiophile. They make these SourcePoint 8 speakers sound even better. I had looked at other amps, but at this price point, you can't get any better. And I'm very picky!!