Galion TS120 Tube Integrated Amp

Although the Galion TS120 is a full tube amp, it has the strengths of both a tube and a solid state amp. For example, It has the smoothness and airy holographic soundstage of a tube amp but at the same time the speed, control, dynamics, and bass of a solid-state amp. Truly giving you the best of both worlds.

Class A or Class AB

The TS120 Includes patented technology that allows the user to choose between high current class A mode or high wattage class AB mode. This is different than most amplifiers on the market that can only choose between triode or ultra-linear mode. In class A, you will get to enjoy that linear midrange that is unique to class A. In class AB, you will get more power resulting in a more authoritative bass. 

Tight Control and Dynamic Bass

Unlike other tube amplifiers, the TS120 excels in dynamic contrast and bass control to the point that it can rival or surpass many solid-state amplifiers.  This is possible thanks to its beefy transformers as well as its design.  There is a saying, the heavier the amplifier is, the more powerful it is. The TS120 weighs 32 kg because it uses a very powerful transformer.  You will have a hard time finding another tube amplifier that uses four KT88s weighing the same.
Compared to most tube amplifiers on the market, the TS120 not only has double the capacitors but also each capacitor has double the capacity.  One of the problems with too much bass is that it can sound 'one note'. This is true with solid-state or tube amp. With the TS120, you will not have this problem. Not only is the bass dynamic, controlled, punchy, and fast, it is extremely nuanced.  You will not find another tube amplifier with this capability without spending significantly more.

Wide Holographic 3D Soundstage

One thing that will quickly catch your attention with the TS120 is the soundstage. Even compared to other tube amplifiers on the market, the TS120 is extremely airy, layered and holographic. Not all tube amplifiers can create an airy 3D soundstage, but with the TS120, you will surely get one.

High Quality Build

The Galion has many quality components that you don’t usually find in amplifiers of this price bracket.
Jupiter, Solen, Clarity capacitors and custom Japanese Alps volume control are just a few examples of our commitment to quality. The unit itself is solidly built and beautiful.

Tone Control

The Galion was built with the philosophy of 'music first' in mind. Not all recordings are perfect and we want you to enjoy not just the best-recorded music but all YOUR music. The TS120 tone control is unlike other products that, for example, affect the 10kHz frequency. Our tone control was designed specifically to minimize sibilance. This feature, unique to the TS120, was achieved by carefully selecting the frequency to affect when using the tone control.

No Listening Fatigue

The biggest challenge all audiophiles face is listening fatigue. One of the missions of the TS120 was to build an amp with no listening fatigue. Many months were spent on voicing the TS120 to make sure it has the best balance between having the right amount of detail and the right amount of brightness. Although the TS120 has very good measurements, the final tuning was all done by ear. 

Standard or Special Edition?

The TS120 and the TS120 SE (Special Edition) are voiced slightly differently. The TS120 standard edition gives a slightly warmer sound with punchier bass, while the TS120 SE is more ‘neutral’ with a more nuanced bass. The TS120 SE has a smoother midrange while the standard edition has more texture in the upper midrange. The TS120 standard edition uses a combination of Solen and Clarity capacitors while the special edition uses a combination of two types of Jupiter capacitors as well as top-of-the-line Clarity capacitors. Given the standard edition has a punchier bass, it is a more fun amp to listen to. The special edition is better for those who prefer a smoother midrange as well as a more balanced presentation.

Auto Bias Without Sacrificing Sound Quality.

Biasing the TS120 is simple. Just press a few buttons and the TS120 will bias itself using a microprocessor. We have made the experience extremely easy without sacrificing sound quality. To preserve maximum fidelity, the TS120 auto bias circuit was designed to be completely outside of the signal path. Although we could have designed the auto bias feature to be 'fully automatic', we were not willing to compromise on sound quality. We believe our current solution is the best balance between ease of use and maximum sound quality.

High Power Output Tubes

Our company vision is to deliver the best possible sound without compromise and this was our guiding light when we were designing the TS120. We could have chosen to support a wide range of output tubes. While that might have been great for marketing, it would not have provided the optimal configuration for each type of output tube. Our final product would therefore not have produced the best possible sound. For that reason, the TS120 has been designed to support high-power output tubes only. Compromising on sound quality is not an option. The proof is in the performance, and the TS120 delivers.

The Galion Story

As someone who has been speaking French for almost 40 years, French is part of my identity and that is why I have chosen Galion Audio as the company name. Galion is French for Galleon and it was chosen to represent how I see music in my life. Life can be calm and rough like the sea but music will always carry us through. I sincerely believe most people will be able to relate. 
The Galion TS120 project started in 2021 in collaboration with Doge. I once asked Mr. Liu, the lead designer at Doge, what kind of tube-integrated amp could he build if he had no budget constraints. What started as a simple conversation ended up as a project that brought the Galion TS120 to life. With a higher budget, Mr. Liu with over 30 years of experience working for many big companies designing amplifiers was finally able to build the best tube-integrated amp he could. Mr. Liu made many interesting design decisions that were unheard of in an amplifier in this price bracket. His efforts yielded impressive results. For example, by giving the TS120 preamp and power amp a dedicated power supply, the bass of the TS120 has improved to the point it can compete with many solid-state amplifiers! However, what made this project special for me was the fact that I voiced the TS120. Although it took a lot of time, I was finally able to achieve the sound I wanted with the help of many experts. It was not an easy task and not straightforward. For example, to voice the TS120 special edition, Jupiter Condenser company had to build capacitors for me that they had not even brought to market! This is your chance to own one of the most versatile high performing tube amplifiers on the market.

Galion Audio Inc was incorporated in 2022 and has its headquarters in Quebec, Canada.



Class A RMS Power 30W+30W Frequency Response (30W) 12Hz - 80kHz
Class AB RMS Power 50W+50W Frequency Response (50W) 17Hz - 65kHz
Class A Max Power 75W+75W Input Impedance 50K Ω
Class AB Max Power 100W+100W SNR ≥90dB
Class A Distortion THD
≤0.15% Line Input Sensitivity 420mV
Class AB Distortion THD
≤0.25% HT Input Sensitivity 1.5V
Class AB Distortion THD
≤0.25% Supported Output Tubes 6550, KT88, KT120
Damping Factor
Class A (Sound A)
10.8 Standard Tube Complement 2 – 12AX7, 2 – 12AT7,
4 – KT88
Damping Factor
Class AB (Sound A)
9.3 Dimensions 17" x 14.1" x 8.3"
Damping Factor
Class A (Sound B)
6.5 Shipping Dimensions 20.5" x 17.7" x 13"
Damping Factor
Class AB (Sound B)
5.6 Weight 65 lbs (30kg)