Introducing the new TS34 Tube Integrated amp

Building on the success of the Galion TS120 integrated amplifier, we have leveraged our insights to develop and refine a new tube-integrated amplifier featuring EL34 tubes. The EL34 tubes offer a distinct sonic profile compared to the KT88 tubes used in the TS120.
In essence, the TS34 is a lively, happy, and "faster"-sounding amp. Think of the TS120 as a sports car, the TS34 would be an agile go-kart.

Optimized for EL34 tubes

EL34 vacuum tubes are renowned for their warm, rich midrange and smooth high-frequency response. They produce a sound often characterized as "musical" or "organic," with a subtle emphasis on even-order harmonics that many audiophiles find appealing.

Dynamic and powerful

Despite its modest 25W Class A rating, the TS34 amplifier, equipped with a robust transformer, confidently drives most speakers on the market with precision and control. What sets the TS34 apart from other EL34-based amplifiers is its ability to deliver powerful, fast, and agile bass. Unlike many EL34-based designs that primarily emphasize on the midrange only, the TS34 offers exceptional performance across the entire frequency spectrum, providing an impressive and well-balanced sonic experience. The bass is not only stronger than many similarly priced solid-state amplifiers, it is also fast and nuanced.

Exotic capacitors

The TS34 amplifier underwent meticulous voicing to enhance its midrange vocal performance. To achieve this, Jupiter Bumblebee capacitors were strategically incorporated into the design. These capacitors are renowned for their ability to emulate the legendary tone of vintage components, such as the original Sprague Bumblebee capacitors used in classic Gibson guitars10.While the TS34 does not aim to sound like a vintage amplifier, the inclusion of Jupiter USA Bumblebee capacitors contributes significantly to its sonic character. These capacitors help bring the vocals slightly forward, creating an enhanced sense of intimacy between the listener and the performer.The result is a more engaging and full-bodied midrange that doesn't compromise the overall modern sound signature of the amplifier.In addition to the Bumblebee capacitors, Clarity capacitors from Englandand Solen capacitors from Francewere carefully selected and implemented to achieve a specific sound profile. The combination of these high-quality components results in a hyper-detailed top end, forward and full-bodied midrange, and robust, fast bass response.This thoughtful selection and implementation of capacitors demonstrates the TS34's commitment to delivering a superior audio experience, blending vintage-inspired warmth with modern clarity and precision.

Class A or AB

The TS120 amplifier features patented technology that allows users to switch between high-current Class A mode and high-wattage Class AB mode. This sets it apart from most amplifiers on the market, which typically offer only triode or ultra-linear modes. In Class A mode, the amplifier delivers a linear and extremely clear midrange, characteristic of Class A amplifiers. In Class AB mode, it provides more power, resulting in a more authoritative bass response.

3D soundstage

One of the primary advantages of selecting a full-tube integrated amplifier over a hybrid or solid-state alternative is to experience enhanced three-dimensional sound staging. In this regard, the TS34 delivers impressive performance, producing a remarkably spacious, layered, and extremely 3D holographic soundstage.

Not all tone controls are the same

The Galion TS34 was engineered with a "music first" philosophy, prioritizing the enjoyment of your entire music collection, regardless of recording quality. Unlike conventional tone controls that adjust higher frequency ranges in the 10 kHz, the TS34's innovative tone control was specifically designed to target and minimize sibilance. This unique feature sets the TS34 apart, allowing listeners to enhance their audio experience across a wide range of recordings by precisely addressing this common audio issue.

Support for EL34 and KT88 tubes

While the TS34 has been optimized for EL34 tubes, it has also been engineered to accommodate KT88 tubes, offering users an alternative sonic experience. The plate voltage of the TS34 has been carefully calibrated to ensure optimal performance for EL34 while still allowing KT88 tubes to shine should one decide to experience KT88 tubes.

Auto bias without compromising sound quality

By pressing a few buttons, the TS34 will automatically bias itself using a microprocessor. This process has been designed to be exceptionally user-friendly without compromising sound quality. To ensure maximum fidelity, the auto-bias circuit of the TS34 is entirely isolated from the signal path. While it was possible to design the auto-bias feature to be fully automatic, we prioritized sound quality over convenience. We believe our current solution offers the optimal balance between ease of use and superior sound quality.

TS 34 Specifications

 Output power per channel (RMS) Class A 25W / Class AB 40 W
Output power per channel (Max) Class A 50W / Class AB 60 W
SNR ≥90 dB
Line 1 – 4 input sensitivity 340 mV
HT bypass input sensitivity 1.2 V
Frequency Response (1 kHz/30W) 19Hz – 65kHz
Distortion THD(1KHz/20W)Class A ≤0.32
Distortion THD(1KHz/20W)Class AB ≤0.8
Input impedance 50KΩ
Output impedance 4Ω or 8Ω

240V = T3.15AL250V (5X20mm)
120V = T6.3AL250V (5X20mm

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