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The Galion TS A20, a brainchild of Fabien Tremblay from Quebec, represents a collaboration with Galion to bring forth a top-tier Class A 20w push-pull power amplifier, meticulously crafted in Canada. Distinguished by its unparalleled resolution, the TS A20 offers an auditory experience like no other, unveiling previously unnoticed nuances across treble, midrange, and bass frequencies. Its exceptional performance is further complemented by a rich, full-bodied midrange, a hallmark of Class A amplifiers, setting a new standard in audio fidelity.

Sound Characteristics

The Galion TS A20 Class A power amplifier excels in delivering a highly detailed treble with an extended decay, creating a sense of spaciousness and airiness. The midrange is a true hallmark of Class A amplification, offering a unique blend of body, clarity, and smoothness while maintaining that linearity common to class A amplifiers. Surprisingly, the TS A20 also offers tight, strong, and nuanced bass, a feature not commonly associated with Class A amps. The soundstage is impressively airy, rivaling many tube amplifiers. Perhaps most unexpected is the amplifier's dynamic contrast; despite its modest 20W output, the TS A20 provides some of the best dynamic range available in its price category, outperforming many Class A, AB, and D amplifiers. This class A amp sounds like a true class A which is characterized by a linear lower mid upper bass.

400k microfarads Capacitance!

The TS A20 amplifier stands out from most amplifiers on the market with its massive 400,000 microfarad capacitor bank, dwarfing the typical 40,000 microfarad capacitance found in other amps. This ingenious design allows the A20 to connect to such a high capacitor bank without any stability issues.Despite having a modest 20 watt power rating, the A20's substantial capacitor reserve enables it to deliver exceptional bass performance and dynamics that surpass expectations for an amplifier of its size. The simple yet innovative design leverages this immense capacitance to achieve a level of low-end response and transient fidelity rarely seen in amplifiers of this class.In summary, the TS A20 defies conventional wisdom by harnessing a capacitor bank an order of magnitude larger than the norm, translating to bass reproduction and dynamics that punch well above the amp's weight class.

Holographic 3D Soundstage

The TS A20 amplifier employs a current feedback design, setting it apart from the majority of amplifiers on the market, which typically use voltage feedback designs. One of the key strengths of this design is its exceptional soundstage. The TS A20 delivers a 3D, airy soundstage that is unparalleled by many amplifiers within its price range.

Exotic Capacitors

The TS A20 amplifier stands out in its price range by incorporating exceptionally high-end capacitors, a feature rarely seen at this level. While most amplifiers use capacitors priced between $2 and $30, the TS A20 utilizes capacitors that retail for over $400 USD. This amplifier includes three main capacitors, each contributing uniquely to its superior sound quality.

Firstly, the USA-made Jupiter copper foil paper and wax capacitor is renowned for its natural tone. Secondly, the Jupiter VitaminQ capacitor, also made in the USA, is celebrated for producing an exceptionally lush midrange. Lastly, the Jupiter Vintage tone capacitor enhances the depth of the soundstage. The synergy of these three capacitors results in the TS A20 delivering a highly resolving, smooth midrange with a profound soundstage.

Quality Components

The TS A20 is the result of our unwavering commitment to excellence, where every detail matters and quality is paramount. We've gone the extra mile to source only the finest components for this masterpiece. Take, for instance, the RCA inputs and speaker connectors. These aren't your run-of-the-mill, budget-friendly options you might find on AliExpress. Instead, we've opted for the superior CMC connectors, meticulously imported from Taiwan, to ensure unparalleled quality and performance.Our dedication to excellence didn't stop there. We embarked on an exhaustive testing journey, experimenting with connectors made of rhodium, silver, copper, and bronze. Our goal was simple: to identify and select the absolute best, leaving no stone unturned in our quest for perfection. This meticulous approach underscores our philosophy that cutting corners is not an option when it comes to delivering top-tier components.We're also proud to say that our commitment to quality extends beyond the product itself to its presentation. The packaging box, designed and manufactured right here in North America, is a testament to our dedication to supporting local craftsmanship and ensuring that every aspect of the TS A20 reflects our no-compromise philosophy.

Reliability and Longevity

Class A amplifiers are known for their exceptional sound quality, but they also generate significant amounts of heat due to their design principle of keeping the output devices conducting at all times. This heat can potentially degrade components over time and reduce the amplifier's lifespan if not properly managed. We have engineered the TS A20 amplifier with a focus on longevity and performance. The amplifier features an oversized chassis that provides ample surface area for effective heat dissipation. This design choice ensures that the heatsinks operate at a moderate temperature of around 45°C (113°F) under normal operating conditions, rather than reaching high temperatures that could compromise the amplifier's reliability.In addition, we have carefully selected high-quality components during the manufacturing process. This attention to detail not only contributes to the amplifier's sonic excellence but also enhances its durability and lifespan. We believe that a well-designed Class A amplifier should deliver exceptional audio performance while ensuring years of reliable service for our customers. The TS A20 embodies this philosophy, combining meticulous engineering with premium components to create a product that stands the test of time.

An Amplifier for Life

The TS A20 amplifier includes a two-year warranty, but it is engineered for a lifetime of use. A common issue with servicing amplifiers over extended periods is the discontinuation of certain parts. To address this, we have stocked additional components for the TS A20, ensuring that it remains serviceable for years to come.

TS A20 Poweramp Specifications

RMS Power 8 ohm 20W + 20W
RMS Power 4 ohm  35W + 35W
Frequency Response (-0.5dB) 14Hz - 160 KHz
Input Impedance 100K
Gain 13
4W Distortion THD+N <0.007%
10W Distortion THD+N <0.02%
15W Distortion THD+N <0.03%
Damping Factor 60
Total Capacitance 406000 uF
Maximum Current 15A (Continuous)
Dimensions 14 inch deep x 6 inch tall x 17.5 inch wide
SNR 92
Transistors Onsemi transistors

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