Giant Killer Galion TS A75 Power Amp

Why is this called a giant killer? The performance of this amplifier is so good that you will question whether the significantly more expensive amplifier you are currently shopping for is truly better than this one; for those who prefer XLR, the TS A75 comes with both XLR and RCA inputs.

High current design

Sure, it is only 75w, but there is so much power and control with the TS A75 that you might mistake it for a 200w amplifier instead. We designed the TS A75 to deliver quality watts over quantity watts. This amp will grip your bass drivers with authority and control.

Dynamic Bass

With two 200W toroidal transformers and 20 capacitors, giving a total of 200k uf of capacitance bank for both channels, while most affordable amplifiers have about 40k uf, the bass on the TS A75 will make you wonder if you even need to turn on your subwoofer. Not only is the bass impactful and gut-punching, but it is also tight and fast.

Airy Holographic 3D Soundstage

The airy 3D soundstage of the TS A75 is so good that it can even challenge tube-integrated amps. If you have been curious about what audiophiles mean when they talk about this mysterious 'air' in the soundstage, you no longer need to feel left out because the TS A75 has so much air that it can rival expensive amplifiers. Having an airy soundstage is one of the main advantages of the TS A75 current feedback design over the voltage feedback design.

High-Quality Build

The TS A75 custom chassis and big heatsink were designed to keep the unit cool. As a result, the amplifier barely runs warm, which means the capacitors will have a longer lifespan. In addition, we built the amp to have a thick chassis, so you don't have to worry about stacking your preamp on top.

True High Resolution

You might have heard of this audiophile joke, "My system is so resolving that I can hear a pin dropping." Although this is an exaggeration, high-end systems are more detailed than entry-level systems, and you can hear everything effortlessly. The TS A75 will allow you to hear the pin dropping. You will hear things in the recording you have never heard before. The saying, 'A veil has been lifted,' is how you will feel with the TS A75.

Midrange clarity

Besides the sparkling top-end detail, one of the things that will catch your attention right away is the midrange clarity. The saying, 'I can hear the vocal chords of the singer,' is not a dream with this amplifier. Never before have we seen this level of clarity with an affordable amplifier.

Extreme Dynamic Contrast

One thing you will notice right away with the TS A75 is its incredible dynamic contrast. Highs extend further up, the bass hits lower and harder, and the swing from quiet to loud passages seems instantaneous. The TS A75 is an exciting amp to listen to, especially if you are into classical music, where there is significant variation in dynamics.

True Balanced Circuit

The TS A75 features a genuine XLR balanced design. When using a long interconnect cable with the TS A75, opt for XLR connections to experience reduced noise and a darker background.

Specifications TS A75

Measurement Value
RMS Power 8 ohm 75W+75W
RMS Power 4 ohm 100W+100W
Frequency Response 15HZ-40KHZ
4W Distortion THD+N 0.0085%
10W Distortion THD+N 0.01%
25W Distortion THD+N 0.02%
Maximum Current 7A
Gain 33
Total Capacitance 200000UF
Damping Factor 100
SNR 95dB
Input Impedance 33k
Unit Dimensions 17.2 X 12.1 X 6.25 Inches
Unit Weight 39 lbs (17.6kg)
Shipping Dimensions 23 X 19 X 13 Inches
Shipping Weight 42 lbs (19kg)
Fuse 240V = T5AL250V (5X20mm)
120V = T6.3AL250V (5X20mm

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