• Title: There are worse reasons to aspire to owning a house
    Rating: 5 stars
    Author: Matt V

    Got my A75 today, hooked it up almost before the door closed behind the shocked UPS driver ("nah, this ain't heavy") and that was the end of my day, about 6 hours ago. It has plenty of what I think of as Galion's/Thomas' house sound. Clean without flatness, detailed without unnatural edges, wide open and natural... basically I don't understand how it can hit this price point for what it does. Your hardware doesn't exist, your speakers don't exist, there are only you and the music.

    I listed all the pros, here are some cons if you force me to make something up with a knife to my throat. It runs cool, so it can't be used for winter heating like a class A amp. It's powerful, you need to be careful to zero your preamp stage before you start up. It's heavy, remember to grip by the front/back if you don't want to slice your hands to ribbons. It's very clean and transparent, so if you use this to play Youtube videos using your laptop's onboard sound card, you will get exactly what you invited (mediocre results).

    (If you haven't guessed, they're not really cons - pair this amp with other equally min-maxed gear and you will be richly rewarded.)

    Competing amps in my collection that are feeling the heat right now:
    - Hafler XL280
    - Schiit Tyr monoblocks
    - First Watt J2
    - Galion TS120 SE

  • Title: W-O-W !
    Rating: 5 stars
    Author: DENNIS Y


    I got my amp early Thursday afternoon but did not open the box until almost 6pm tonight Friday. I have a Schitt Freya + along with a pair of Quicksilver Mid-Mono Amps (40w per chnl) driving a modified in 2015 by Philharmonic Audio/Dennis Murphy Pioneer BR22sp lr speakers (aka 'Affordable Accuracy Speakers') and did *not* re-hook up my pair of REL t5/x subs.

    Played my first lp, a reissue of The Best of ELO and then a reissue of Santana's Abraxas albums... I was shocked at the bass it put out to my modified Pioneers --- like wow, sounded better in the 2 hours of listening than my already 7 year old Quicksilver mono amps with all nos tubes !

    Resolution, clarity and dynamics!

    I am not returning the amp - a keeper ! It's just going to get better as it breaks in !

    Lucky You Live Hawaii 

  • Title: Eagerly anticipated A75 arrived and is exceeding expectations
    Rating: 5 stars
    Author: RJV

    My new A75 arrived after a very short wait with excellent communications and follow-up from Mr. TS himself. Excellent Customer Service! The A75 sounds great out the box, and doesn't need a lot of burn-in time. I tried a few different pre-amplifiers. I prefer the hybrid tube/solid state pre-amp as it creates the nicer 3D holographic soundstage, but doesn't get too muddy/messy/noisy. My early observations are:
    - great looking industrial design without any superfluous frills, and nothing you don't need
    - hefty metal chassis, quality materials, built like a tank! Can probably last for centuries!
    - no hiss, hum, buzz or any other unwanted noises, dead silent, even with extremely sensitive (>103dB) speakers
    - beautiful black background, dark space and separation between singers and instruments
    - much(!) more power than expected, sounds way bigger than its 75W rating, plenty of headroom (with 8 Ohm speakers)
    - bass is plentiful, powerful and well controlled, definitely a big highlight. I don't feel the need to switch on my sub.
    - deep and wide 3D soundstage especially with tube or hybrid pre-amp
    - sounds (very) smooth in top-end. Highs/Treble were soft (muted) when combined with my solid-state pre-amp and low-sensitivity speakers. However with a tube/hybrid-pre-amp and my high-sensitivity full-range speakers I get all the clarity and detail I want, without the need for Treble/EQ control. I recommend experimenting to find those system synergies that will satisfy your personal taste.

  • Pure music

    Author: Guido

    Hi Thomas,
    I've been the proud owner of a TS A75 for about 4 weeks now.
    After the first few bars of music, I already had a big grin on my face.
    The musical performance makes the speakers disappear. The music seems very realistic and close enough to touch.
    The many positive characteristics of the TS 75A create the often mentioned emotions when listening to music. That is my definition of high-end.
    I don't know of any other device in this price range that even comes close to this one in terms of sound.
    This power amplifier has raised my setup to a significantly higher level.
    I can't wait to see what Galion comes up with next.

    Highend regards from Germany

  • Vincent Audio SA-32 hybrid tube amplifier combined with the TS A75 power amplifier is a real game changer!

    RJ on Apr 06, 2024

    I got a very good deal on a new Vincent SA-32 hybrid tube amplifier through Audio Advisor. I only paid $981.43 including shipping and taxes so I could not resist. It said "Demo" on their website but when the Vinvent arrived it was brand new. I paired it immediately with my TS A75 power amplifier and OMG. I'm feeding it with my firmware updated Denafrips Ares 2 DAC, and the sound is AMAZING. I'm using Mogami Gold XLR cables for all my interconnects. These Mogami Gold XLR cables never disappoint. The combination gives incredible dynamics, clarity, detail, soundstage, air and bass punch too. And it’s quiet as a mouse with a beautiful black background.
    The A75 combination with the Vincent SA-32 is easily much, much better than with my Schiit Freya+, even when using $400+ NOS tubes on the Freya+. The Freya+ is slow and very noisy (buzz, hum) compared to the Vincent. Even with the Vincent on low gain, it is a much more powerful combination than with the Freya+. With the Vincent in the chain it feels that my A75 has 2-3x more power reserve. I now finally feel that I have a pre-amp and amp combination that can drive my KEF R3 speakers with authority. Believe it or not, but with other pre-amp/amp combos I actually used super-tweeters and a subwoofer with the R3's. Not anymore. This is pure, powerful sound, with clarity and detail.

  • Title: Who said that more money =Better sound??


    First of all I would like to thank Thomas for letting me tried one of his demo amp! My current setup is a Nad M10V2 with the buchardt S400MKII speakers! I hooked up the Nad to the Ts-A75 and wooooohaaaa I immediately heard the difference, soundstage is wider and higher, bass are round and punchy, mids are mellow and textured especially the voices, the highs are detailed and not aggressive! The sound has an holographic effect, instruments are well defined and separated, I was impressed and I bought one!! At 1495$ it’s a steal!! This amp is the way to go for experienced audiophile as well as somebody who wants to start building a great sound system!! Congratulations Thomas. This amp is 100% approved! 👍👍


  • First Impressions: Amazing


    Received the amp today and immediately set it up.

    Already the sound is so airy ( now I know what that means), the clarity is so good.

    It looks so purposeful in my system.

    What a great investment this is, thank you.

  • Audiophile secret gem

    Author:Robert Gagnon

    This amp Is Something spécial .for the Price You Need to pay 3x the Price to have the quality of this amp .the aire,detail ,its 3d music,im in love with the sound that This baby give me ..but the real star is thomas the mastermind behind this creation .i never hade the pleasure of someone this nice and kind just incredible service .i recommend the ts-a75 to anyone bravo thomas