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Specifications TS A75

Measurement Value
RMS Power 8 ohm 75W+75W
RMS Power 4 ohm 100W+100W
Frequency Response 15HZ-40KHZ
4W Distortion THD+N 0.0085%
10W Distortion THD+N 0.01%
25W Distortion THD+N 0.02%
Maximum Current 7A
Gain 33
Total Capacitance 200000UF
Damping Factor 100
SNR 95dB
Input Impedance 33k
Unit Dimensions 17.2 X 12.1 X 6.25 Inches
Unit Weight 39 lbs (17.6kg)
Shipping Dimensions 23 X 19 X 13 Inches
Shipping Weight 42 lbs (19kg)