Design Philosophy

Unlike the TS Voyager Mk1, which drew its design inspiration from the BBC LS3/5A, we had a different design goal for the MK2. We designed the MK2 to amalgamate the qualities of speakers such as Harbeth and B&W. More specifically, the high-frequency detail extension mirrors that of a B&W speaker. We tuned the midrange to possess the tonal richness characteristic of speakers like Harbeth and Spendor. Finally, we designed the cabinet to be larger than typical desktop speakers, ensuring sufficient bass output to eliminate the need for a subwoofer in a desktop setup.

Sound Characteristics

  1. High-Frequency Detail: The TS Voyager MK2 SE is a master of high-frequency detail. It uncovers every hidden nuance in the recording, yet it's carefully tuned to prevent listening fatigue, ensuring a pleasurable listening experience.
  2. Midrange: We designed the midrange to be tonally rich and full-bodied, providing a warm and intimate listening experience.
  3. Bass: The TS Voyager MK2 SE's larger sealed cabinet size allows for an impressive well controlled strong bass performance.

Standard or Special Edition?

Although the Mk2 and Mk2 SE share the same crossover design, the Mk2 SE utilizes higher-quality components. Specifically, the Mk2 SE uses air-core inductors instead of iron-core inductors and features superior capacitors and non-inductive wire wound resistors. This choice of premium components enhances the Mk2 SE's resolution and composure at higher volumes. While the standard Mk2 is manufactured entirely in China, the Mk2 SE's crossover is designed and built in Canada, with the final assembly in the USA.

Holographic 3D Soundstage

Although the TS Voyager MK2 is a small speaker compared to most standmount speakers, its ability to project a 3D holographic soundstage is quite impressive, especially if you pull it away from the wall and sit less than 6 feet away from it. Although originally designed for nearfield use, the performance of the MK2 surpassed our expectations, and it can be used in a small to midsize room as a standard standmount speaker.

Exotic Capacitors

One key factor contributing to the MK2's rich, luscious midrange is its use of expensive, exotic Jupiter Vitamin Q Aluminum foil paper-in-oil capacitors. Jupiter Condenser's website states, "Jupiter Vitamin-Q creates the ultimate lush tone with a mysteriously warm, juicy midrange and excellent musical flow, while offering a slightly softer top and bottom end compared to the Comet Type."

By utilizing these premium capacitors, the MK2 achieves a uniquely full and vibrant midrange character. The warm, liquid tonality blends seamlessly with a smooth high-frequency response and controlled bass for an exceptionally musical and engaging sound. This combination of components allows the nuances of vocals and instruments to shine through with remarkable clarity and presence.

While costly, implementing these capacitors exemplifies the MK2's commitment to audio excellence. By prioritizing premium components like the Jupiter Vitamin Q capacitors, the MK2 delivers a truly luxurious listening experience defined by its rich, organic, and utterly immersive midrange performance.

Why buy a TS Voyager MK2?

So, if your heart skips a beat for crystal-clear vocals and you want every song to feel like a warm hug for your ears, the TS Voyager MK2 isn't just a good choice—it's your holy grail. While other speakers are busy flexing their soundstage muscles, thumping their dynamic bass chests, and twinkling their detailed high notes, the MK2 is the cool cat that specializes in serenading your ears with the warm, velvety tones of the human voice.


The MK2 was designed with a U-curve in the frequency response. While an anechoic flat curve can provide excellent detail in the midrange, it can sometimes be a bit shouty when the music has a peak in the upper midrange. To address this, we designed the MK2 with a slight dip in the upper midrange. Although this might make the upper mids less pronounced, the benefit of a more pleasant listening experience outweighs any shortcomings.

TS Voyager Mk2 SE specifications

Impedance Nominal 8 Ohms
Sensitivy 83dB
Dimensions 7.5” W x 12” H x 8” D 
Weight 5.10 kg each
Tweeter 28mm silk dome
Woofer 130mm treated paper cone woofer
Power Handling 50 Wrms
Tweeter Dayton RST28F-4 tweeter
Woofer DC130A-8
Frequency range 60 hz - 22 khz