• Beautiful speakers for an amazing nearfield experience

    Rating:5 stars
    Author:Keith Horton

    The TS Voyagers have just shown me how great a nearfield experience can be. By nearfield, I'm mean "speakers within arm's reach".

    First impressions when I connected them, "Oh damn, now I get what these reviewers mean when they callout a speaker having 'smooth' mids!". I just had to stop and listen to vocal and guitar-forward music a while, wow! Second impression: I can turn it up & get *that* level of imaging, and *that* close to me? I still find it shocking that I can turn up intense and busy music (think: Tool, Jinjer) so close to me and they disappear with no glare/harshness, no 'beaming', good width & depth, solid imaging.

    Anything to be critical?
    Coming from Buchardt S400s, these don't have the huge dynamics. Bass is tight and blends very well into the mids but it doesn't go super-deep and doesn't have a lot that "body". I attribute some of this to not having an amp that can really give these 83db speakers the juice they want. Highs seem a little less forward, but still detailed and nothing harsh or hard.

    Along with S400s (a favorite "flavors" of speakers), I've now added these as a new 2nd fav "flavor". TS Voyagers are my go-to speakers now for nearfield listening, and often when I want to listen to vocal-forward music ... that 'smoothness' is just addictive.

    And all for $850? That's such an incredible deal for such a beautifully built speaker that does so remarkably well. Did I mention how well-built they are? Damn, they are solid and just gorgeous.

    Thanks Thomas!

  • A highly musical desktop solution

    Michael Shue

    For the desktop application, used with my Elekit TU-8200 tube amp, I love its ease on the ear and the way that there is enough detail to produce an utterly convincing performance. Overall presentation is smooth, clean and spacious with plenty of micro-detail. The top end is smooth without emphasis. The midrange is a little forward which brings the voice or instrument closer to the listener, hence more detail is easily discerned. The treble has a lively character which makes the music detail more engaging. Bass is well-controlled and relatively strong for its size. Its strength is to project a naturally toned sound to the listener without fatigue. If you value midrange quality, want something that’s more relaxing, and don’t want to focus on extreme highs and lows, and listen mostly at moderate volumes, this would be an ideal speaker. Only caveat is that soundstage could be a little shallow due to desktop environment. And also be aware that amp synergy with these speakers are essential to ensure musical enjoyment.

  • Draws you in, compelling performer

    Rating:5 stars
    Author:Greg Hamilton

    This is a great little standmount. I’m using it in a near field setup with a low powered class A tube amp. It is definitely ticking all the hifi boxes for me.

    It is a warm, smooth, evenly balanced little speaker that stages and images incredibly well. It does a nice job with acoustic material, instruments and voice. The low end is tuneful and satisfying and I have not had the desire pull a sub into the mix.

    Oh, and the price is only $850 US. Highly Recommended!

  • Transmission Line Love

    Author: Ken

    Webster defines the word Matrix as "Something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form"
    This is what is happening with these lil gems.
    -Great build
    -Good packaging
    -Pleasant sound for these ears
    Happy owner.

  • For the $$$ can,t do better

    Karl on Mar 20, 2024

    Clean well made speakers, big sound , sounds like a floor stander. My 35 watt tube amp drives them no problem . It can fill a large room with music. Give it a try,

  • Review of Voyager TL Speakers

    Hi Thomas - I received my TS Voyager TL Speakers yesterday and hooked them up to my stereo system today.  I am listening to them
    now and I am impressed!  Great sound from such little speakers!  

    I have an old system that I am updating one piece of
    equipment  at a time.   

    My living room is set up so I am seated 16 feet from
    the Voyager TLs.  My wife and I decided we like the sound without the foam baffles the best, to maximize the bass in our large room.   Canting the speakers slightly inward toward center also made a big difference in sound quality.  

    The TLs  are set on top of my old Knight KN 2380 three-way
    speakers on 17" stands (speakers circa early 1960s with 15" woofers and horn midrange) so they are just above eye level when we are seated.  

    I have my gear going through a Douk Audio switch, so
    I can use the Douk remote to switch between my two amps and the two speaker sets to better judge the sound.

    The Voyager TL speakers sound great with both my 35-watt
    per channel Dynaco Stereo 70 and my 120-watt per channel Kenwood KR-9400.

    The Voyager TL speakers are a delight to listen to -
    they make the old Knight speakers sound muddy in the treble and midrange, and bass heavy - quite an accomplishment for a speaker literally 1/4th the size of the old speakers.

    Thanks again for getting me in the que for the TS A75
    Amp.  I am looking forward to hearing the Voyager TLs with the TS A75.


  • First audiophile speakers

    With many of the mid-budget bookshelf speakers I'd tried from HECO, ELAC and Focal, I consistently had to mix in a subwoofer cross-over to achieve an enjoyable hi-fi experience. One listen to the Galion TLs and I knew I had found my speaker and my subwoofers are up for sale! Such a relief to no longer have to play the game of mixing in low frequencies, as they come 'in the box!' Hats off to Galion for producing such a differentiated sound. Space and depth are off the hook. Bass is controlled. Audiophile.

  • The Voyager TL ... a wonderful speaker to play at low volume !

    Listened to it for six hours before doing this quick review... sounded like at the 5th hour, it had been broken in as the imaging sounded much better than ever. Voices and instruments sound more real (I have it paired with the TS a75 amp. Have the Anti-Cables 5.2 i/c from Schitt Freya+ (with NOS tubes) pre to the A75 and Nordost (Chinese) Valhalla speaker cables hooked up to the TL speakers. The Nordost sounds fuller and cleaner than my previous ClearDay (all silver) speaker cables that I have had since 2016. For me, a great combo for the amp and speakers ! The combination of the amp with the TL speakers makes playing music at night at a softer level more enjoyable since the mid 1980s when I got into hifi systems ! This is my first entry into listening to transmission speakers...