Galion TS Voyager TL Speaker

The TS Voyager TL speaker had three design goals:

  1. Non-fatiguing: The treble of the TS Voyager TL was carefully tuned to be not harsh and not sibilant
  2. Solid foundation: Bass is the foundation of a good-sounding system. The TS Voyager TL uses a transmission line design, allowing it to excel at low frequencies compared to speakers of a similar size
  3. Pleasant to listen to: One of the key strengths of the TS Voyager is its buttery smooth midrange

Transmission Line Advantage

In a transmission line speaker, sound from the back of the speaker is channeled into a pathway inside the cabinet lined with damping material. The benefit of such a design is excellent high-fidelity and great low-frequency responses. As a result, the bass is big and enveloping. In addition, the strong low end bleeds into the lower midrange, giving the vocal extra body and warmth. Finally, thanks to the transmission line, you will hear more information in the midrange area.


The speaker comes with two foam sets, allowing you to experience different bass outputs. With the full foam completely closing the port, you will experience a tighter bass but with less output, which is ideal for desktop use. With the half foam, you will experience the best balance between bass tightness and punch. You can remove the foam completely if you want maximum bass output. You will need to experiment because not using any foam might give you the most balanced bass if you sit close to the speakers in a small room.


Suppose we define analytical speakers as speakers with a detailed presentation, where you can hear all the nuances and "analyze" everything in the music. In that case, the TS Voyager TL is not an analytical speaker. Instead, the TL is a musical speaker. It is musical because it is smoother, with no hard edges in the treble area. Instead of analyzing the music, you will simply enjoy the music. There is no harshness, nor is it sibilant. You can easily listen to them for hours with no listening fatigue.

Great for low volume listening

One of the key advantages of transmission line speakers is their ability to generate strong bass with lots of texture at low volume. This is ideal for anyone who enjoys listening at low volumes.

Breaking the rules

Usually, one of the criteria for good-sounding speakers is to eliminate resonance. The TS Voyager TL, unconventionally, embraces resonance. The cabinets are thin, and interestingly, the 'resonance' from the cabinet makes the speaker more 'musical' and fun. The bass has a certain elasticity thanks to this design.

8 Ohms Nominal Impedance

Built with high-quality film caps, and custom-made air and iron core inductors, only 6 components were needed in the crossover. By having fewer parts in the signal path, despite only being rated at 84dB, it is not a difficult speaker to drive thanks to its 8 ohms nominal impedance. A simple 50w integrated amplifier is all you need to bring these speakers to life.

Exotic Components

Aluminium Jupiter Capacitors were used in the crossovers to give these speakers a lush midrange. These are rarely used by any speakers in this price range due to cost. Not only did these Jupiter capacitors level up the midrange, but they also added 'air' into the soundstage.

From Jupiter's website

"Jupiter Vitamin-Q Aluminum Foil Paper in Oil Capacitors"
Authentically built to the original construction, housed in a solder-sealed true hermetic case.  
Jupiter Vitamin-Q creates the ultimate lush tone with mysteriously warm juicy midrange and excellent musical flow, with a slightly softer top and bottom end than the Comet Type."

Magnetic Grills and 5 Way Binding Posts

The TS Voyager TL includes a pair of black magnetic grills for extra protection. Fortunately, the tweeters are already protected by a metal mesh cover, so grills are optional for these speakers.

The TS Voyager TL also comes with five-way binding posts, allowing you to use all types of connectors.

Birchwood Instead of MDF

Unlike most speakers, birchwood was used instead of MDF. The satin brown stained natural birch finish has a deep and lustrous bronze-like tint with a hint of purple heartwood. The tinted wood is then sealed with multiple coats of hand-rubbed lacquer to achieve a deep and rich finish that is truly heirloom quality.

Button label

Specifications TS Voyager TL

Impedance Nominal 8 Ohms
Sensitivy 84dB
Dimensions 14” D x 14” H x 7.5” W 
Frequency response 43hz (F3) - 22khz
Weight 6.10 kg each
Tweeter Dayton Audio RST28F-4 1-1/8" silk dome
Woofer 5″ SB13PFC25-8 woofer / Paper
Power Handling 50 Wrms


Please note the bass bump in the measurements is due to the incomplete anechoic chamber. Measurements above 200hz are accurate.

Purple line: Port fully open
Green line: Port half open
Red line: Port fully closed