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Thomas Lai
Galion TS A20 : A good 20 Watts / ch amp.

I received the amplifier today. I allocated some time during lunch hour to plug it in and turned my whole system on. I got no sound! Nothing! Not even a hum or hiss! Good, because I hadn't played any songs yet. I'm so used to hearing some sort of low volume hum from my tube amps; this had nothing. Excellent!

I had a quick listening session with the A20. I will say that this amp did nothing wrong. Like Thomas mentioned, I could hear more bottom end with the A20 in my system. It was almost like it recovered the bottom end that I was not hearing with my other amps.

The top end was refined, detailed, sparkling, but not intrusive at all. The midrange was smooth, not overly warm like the JC1 that I used to have.

However, I did find it to be a little polite sounding (or should I say, not exaggerating in any area?). Maybe that's why I initially thought the amp had lower gain. Thomas later on explained the preamp matching will change the character of the A20. I do have a few other preamps, both tube and solid state. I guess I will roll them in to see how they sound.

Note: Thomas also mentioned that it will take 100 hours for the amplifer to break in. Looking forward to see how the amplifier would after break in.

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    TS A20 Power Amplifier

    TS A20 Power Amplifier

    Regular price $3,750.00 USD
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    • Exotic custom made Jupiter Copper Foil Paper & Wax Capacitors which retails for $200 USD each
    • Exotic Jupiter Vitamin Q capacitors
    • Exotic Jupiter Vintage Tone capacitors
    • Authentic CMC RCA input jacks and speaker terminals imported from Taiwan
    • Designed and made in Canada
    • Class A 20W
    • Current feedback design
    • 400k uf total capacitance for extreme dynamics
    • All high quality internal parts sourced from North America 
    • 2 years warranty
    • Power cable
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